Realbrass is a virtual (or remote) session service providing brass instrumental tracks for composers and producers of many different genres of music from commercial media tracks (TV, film, video games & library) to pop and classical recordings.

A short taster showing how raw brass stems bring a track to life

What our clients say!

“a pleasure to work with, fantastic interpretation and expression combined with brilliant technical skills”

Ian LivingstoneAward winning composer

“Brilliantly played, beautifully recorded files to your inbox – top class”

Steve LynchStellarsound

“Absolutely bang on . . . . And thanks again for the quick turnaround as ever” Chris LewisChris Lewis Music

“The attention to detail and performance / recording quality is absolutely fantastic! They’re incredible for recording and getting the files over at crazily short notice too!”

Alex BaranowskiComposer, arranger, sound designer

“The Realbrass company are a real pleasure to work with and always deliver on quality, efficiency and service.”

Samantha CarewSky TV

“it was a pleasure to mix such excellent playing – your tracks just fell into place”

Matthew MooreComposer & producer

Just a taste!